Loyalty to the Truth, by Louis A. Dole

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“(Israel) defiled the lands and committed adultery with stones and with stocks” – Jeremiah 3:9


Jeremiah 3:1-14 · Matthew 13:1-12, 18-23 · Psalm 78:1-28


There are many passages in the Scriptures, particularly in the Old Testament, in which adultery is mentioned, but ministers usually shun reading them from the pulpit and some people wish they were not in the Word.

There is, of course, the necessity for the prohibition of the literal sin, but there is a deeper meaning in these passages. In its inmost sense the Word does not treat of the relation of men with each other but of the relation of men with the Lord. We are guilty of the sin of adultery whenever we adulterate, corrupt, mingle with our own natural and rational considerations, or in any way turn aside from the plain precepts of life which the Lord has laid down in the Word for our guidance. This is the sin that is everywhere meant by adultery in the spiritual sense of the Word. It is the only kind of adultery that can be committed with “idols” or “with stocks and with stones,” or by the church in any composite sense.

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